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About DataBeers

DataBeers is a non-profit and open community whose mission is to become a summit for professionals and students inside the scope of Big Data and Data Science to discuss and share experiences also promoting events where everybody with an interest in data is welcome to exchange their knowledge.


DataBeers seeks to promote data literacy in society, to educate on and disseminate data culture, advances in the field of data science and associated opportunities and risks, in an approachable, friendly and agile manner, as well as to promote the sense of community among practitioners.


Every DataBeers event has, as an important element, the beers part. Beers act as a social lubricant and provide the informal setting that fosters communication between the attendees.


DataBeers is organized around an event that brings together a small number of speakers (typically 4 or 5) who present their data stories in short talks (6-7 minutes, PechaKucha).

Data Beers Around the World

DataBeers was foundend in May 2014 by Giovanna Miritello(@gmiritello), Marcelo Soria (@msoriaro) and Dani Villatoro (@dani_agent) in Madrid. Since then this event has spread in many cities around the world.

Past Events

  • 08 August 2019

    CHAINWORK | EVENTSPACE, Dufourstrasse 43, 8008 Zürich

    Mark Schelker

    Christian R. Ulbrich

    Bruno Wüest

    Ramon Lifart

  • 20 February 2020

    Impact Hub Zurich - Viadukt, Viaduktstrasse 93, 8005 Zürich

    Rosa Visscher

    Michaela Slotwinski

    Lisa-Christina Winter

    Elliott Ash

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Zurich Team

Ulrich Matter

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Michael Zehnder

Co-Founder DataBeersZRH

Julian Leopold

Co-Organizer DataBeersZRH

Sebastian Kuhn

Co-Organizer DataBeersZRH

Irene Dávalos Cánovas

Co-Organizer DataBeersZRH

Severin Landolt

Co-Organizer DataBeersZRH

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